Angry Birds Where Are You?

Here at Game Center Blog We LOVE Angry Birds, And we were delighted when we found out that there will be an Update that will add Game Center and much more to the game.

But over a week after Game Center has been released us and other people are asking “Where Is The Angry Birds Update?”, The Update was meant to be released sometime during the week but has not been. But one thing we know is that it certainly will be coming soon with proof from apple shown below.

When will it be out? We don’t know, But we expect it to be out within the next week.

If you don’t all ready have Angry Birds Download it HERE for just $0.99, With Tons of levels, Great graphics and more, You would be silly not to have it, Wouldn’t ya? If your not sure on the game here is the trailer.

The Free update is expected to include Achievement up to about 62, A Leader-board and possibly a new Multiplayer mode, Also Retina Display and 15 NEW levels. Heres what they said is coming on there website

And the ALL NEW MIGHTY EAGLE BIRD( Wont be added until early this fall)


All will be known when the update is released by apple after being reviewed.

We will let you know as soon as it is released.


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