Doodle Squares Free For Today Only

Doodle Square by Gihad Chbib is Free for a limited time only.

I have just been playing this for a a few minutes and it seems a pretty good game. My only downfall is that it can get quite boring after a while. I have been playing it for  about 10 minutes and already I am bored of it. It seems a bit repetitive.

So i better tell you what the aim of the game is. it is simple drag your dot around and try to collect the BLACK Squares and avoid the RED ones. Every time you collect a Black square you get points and once you hit the red square it is game over. Collecting a BLACK Dot will give you a power up hitting a RED dot will give you something bad, for instance -1000 points. Get the idea of the game now?

The game has Game Center Leaderboards and the option to submit your scores to Twitter and Facebook

In my opinion this is an ok game the idea is good but the game itself is boring. This is one of those games that you get, Play once but enjoy it, and never play again. But Is it worth those good ten minutes? That is something you will have to answer.

Try it out for FREE


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