Breaking News (20th Oct) Gameloft Team Up With Game Center and More…

Breaking News is a new feature we are adding. We will have breaking news every 1 or 2 days so keep installed.

In Breaking News today Gameloft have released there first game to have Game Center. And Doodle Jump is to get Game Center and it is Confirmed!!!

So Gameloft have released there first game to have Game Center the game is Star Battalion which is an Online Shooter game involving you flying around in a plane like object shooting moving robots and other planes, The game has Online Co-op which can use either Game Center or Gameloft Live. Here is the trailer.

Enough about the game itself as it doesn’t seem that good (No offence Gameloft), The good is that with us now knowing that Gameloft is willing to implement the Game Center Features into there games it could mean good things to us Game Center players, Games like Brothers in Arms 2 and Modern Combat 2 could be getting Game Center for there Multiplayer and even bigger the NEW!!! NOVA 2 which is due to come out very soon as in within the next few days  might be using Game Center features. Below the Trailer for NOVA 2.

What is your opinion?, Will Modern Combat 2 be getting Game Center. Here is a Video on MC2.

We will have to wait to see what happens but this is great news.

In Other Breaking News Doodle Jump Will be getting Game Center. This was confirmed earlier today with the update for Doodle Jump. Here is what it said,

But that’s not all. While you’re helping DOODLESTEIN get through this awesome scary haunted Halloween theme, we’ll be working on getting the next update ready, which will bring Game Center to Doodle Jump!!!!! It will be a FREE update and will be out right after Halloween!


And Angry Birds has had a new release Angry Birds Halloween which will cost you 99c Is now available in the NZ app store and will be in the Us Latter. The game has Game Center and 45 New Levels also a new Theme.  ITunes NZ Link

PS. The list has not been updated in the last few weeks due to me and my team mates have been busy, The list will be updated every month now.

Also from the 4th of November to the 10th we will be away.

Oh and if you have a MY IGN Account Add me im JackyWacky


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