Breaking News (21st Oct) New Angry Birds Halloween Released with Game Center and More…

Breaking News for the 21st of October, Angry Birds Halloween Scares us with a unnotified release and EA Buy Out Chillingo.

Earlier this Morning we told you guys about Angry Birds having a new game released and here it is. It is currently $0.99 in the app store the same price of the original one but it has less levels.

Just like the original the game play is the same except for the new theme which includes Lanterns, Pumpkins, Carved Out Pumpkins, Pigs with Pumpkin Helmets and a new background, Also a redesigned Menu and Music Soundtrack,

I am a bit disappointed because it is the same price as the original but has a lot less levels. Meaning that there is not along time of game play. Though there are rumours speculating that this may be renamed in Christmas to something like Angry Birds Holidays and have both a Halloween and Christmas edition. And i also expect there to be a few more levels added to this game as we get closer to Halloween.

This game just like the original has Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements.

In other Angry Birds News, The Devs have said they are working on New Updates for Angry Birds . Also The Mighty Eagle a new Bird for Angry Birds will be released soon, The Bird will be a in App Purchase and allow you to finish any one level with 3 stars.

Also Just in EA Buy Out Chillingo for a sum of $20Million. EA Now own all of Chillingo’s Benefits such as there games and the Crystal network.

But they dont get Angry Birds as that was not thrown in the deal as Rovio said they did not want to be part off it, That would have probably doubled the price though lol. Rovio have said that they will not use Chillingo again saying

We will not use Chillingo again, When it comes to mobile games, You don’t need publishers

The New Angry Birds Halloween is not published with Chillingo. Also Cut The Rope which is published by Chillingo is in scrutiny due to the fact that EA might now own there game as it was published by Chillingo. We expect Chillingo to still be run the same way but just be owned by EA. We will let you know as we get more information.

Thats all the Breaking News today, Yeh i know it was all Angry Birds but there was not allot of Breaking Game Center News today. Keep Installed as over the next few days expect there to be some big news.


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