App Update Bug!

We have sources stating that some users (Including me!)  have been experiencing the disability to update there apps automatically Via the App update page on the app store.  This issue could be caused by two things:

  1. A bug in an app (Hack)
  2. App store closure on the 21st for Christmas.
  3. Server issues at apple.

I believe that #2 is where the problem is as it only stopped working when the app store closed this mourning though it could just be a server issue. They are no know fixes yet.

If you wish to get the latest version of an app what you haven’t updated simply find it on the app store and click buy(Won’t cost you anything. What’s weird is that it should read installed rather then buy?) and it will come up with a message saying that you have that app and do you wish to update it, Click OK and you will get the update. This is not exactly practicle but with app shopper notifying you of updates it’s an ok work around until apple fix this.

I hope apple will fix this soon. If you have this problem please tell us bellow.


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