November and December As It Was: Part 1

Game Center Was Released Onto IPad This Month

Ok we have been very busy lately leading to very few Post getting Published. But we have posted many things on our Facebook.

Ok here i will go over what games have been released or Updated  in the past month that a worth getting. Off course they will all have Game Center :D. This Is Part 1, Part 2,3 and Possibly a 4 will come out other the next few day leading up to Christmas were we might release a Christmas catalogue.

Gravity Guy  IPhone: 99c IPad: $2.49

Gravity Guy came out on the 8th of December by the makers of Fragger The Aim of Gravity Guy is to try and get away from a robot that is chasing you, But at the same time you have to try and flip Gravity to avoid flying into orbit or falling into hell. The game has a multiplayer mode that works on device only but in January a Online Multiplayer mode is going to get released.

Cut The Rope IPhone: 99c IPad: $2.49/Cut The Rope Holiday Gift Universal: Free

Ok This Month 2 things happened in Cut The Rope.

The First thing Cut The Rope had its first update. In the Update they added another box called the Cosmic Box. In This Box there was an extra 25 levels and a new toll that allowed you to switch gravity.

The Second thing is the release of Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift which is Free. In the Gift is 25 never before seen levels and a new tool that allows you to transport through one Xmas stocking to another in a different location.

Push Panic IPhone: 99c

Push Panic was released this month. This game is very fun and includes lots of levels. The aim of the game is to get rid of all the blocks before they fall over above the line at the top. But you also want to get as much blocks into a combo as you can. This is a must buy in my opinion as it has lots of game modes and Endless game-play.

Wispin IPhone: 99c NOW FREE

Wispin was released on the 18th Of November. The game basically requires you to run around and destroy Giant Blobs. Seem Simple? Well it ain’t because the Blobs are in different colours and as you destroy them you have to change to that colour using your colour wheel.

Fruit Ninja IPhone: 99c/ Fruit Ninja HD IPad: 99c/ Fruit Ninja Lite IPhone: Free/Fruit Ninja HD Lite IPad: Free

Ok a few things happened to Fruit Ninja in the past few months. Firstly Arcade Mode was added to Fruit Ninja. Secondly a Fruit Ninja Lite has been released for both IPhone and IPad which allows you to play the Classic Mode for Free. And Last Fruit Ninja HD has now got Game Center and Multiplayer Over Game Center.

Ok Keep installed for Part 2 tomorrow.


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