November and December As It Was: Part 2

Ok This is Part 2 of our November and December As It Was. So relax, sit back and i hope you will enjoy todays segment of “As It Was”

Age Of Zombies Universal: 99c(Sale Price)

Ok Age of Zombies had a few updates in the last 2 months mainly for Bug Fixes and Performance. But just yesterday they released a Update that added 3 new survival levels, Elf Zombies and a Special leaderboard feature that lets you know during Gameplay in survival mode when you over take a friends High Score.

You think thats cool. Well guess what you can get this game for 99c for a limited time, So you better be quick.

Real Racing 2 IPhone: $9.99

Real Racing 2 was released earlier this week by Firemint. The game now has 30 officially licensed cars to race in. You also now get to race against another 15 cars(Excluding Yourself). In the Career mode there are a few types of races. Normal in which you race against 15 cars in which first to the finish wins. Eliminate where you race 4 cars over 4 laps and after every lap the last car gets eliminated. And last time trials were basically the one with the fastest time wins. Also added onto the game is Multiplayer which you can race up to another 15 individuals in.

This is a must have even at the hefty price tag.

Fragger IPhone: 99c

Fragger had a Xmas update added on at the end of November. The Update added an extra 32 levels with you guessed it a Christmas theme and also the option to skip a level if you are stuck on it.

Beyond Ynth IPhone: $1.99, Beyond Ynth HD IPad: $2.99, Beyond Ynth Xmas IPhone: Free, Beyond Ynth Xmas HD IPad: Free

Beyond Ynth Xmas Edition is now out and its Free. Go and try it out and then get the Full version of the game whilst its on sale at $1.99.

Max Adventure Universal: 99c(Sale Price)

Max Adventure by Imangi the Creatures of the famous game Harbour Master have brought out another amazing game. This time it is Max Adventure. You are a Kid, Earth has been invaded and all the adults have been captured, your aim is to save the world. You have to battle lots of Kid Hungry Aliens and navigate your way through tricky Neighbourhood mazes to safe the adults. Can You Do It? The only way to find out is by getting the game. And Quickly before the Price goes Up!!

Dungeon Hunter 2 IPhone: $6.99 Dungeon Hunter 2 HD: IPad $6.99

Gameloft are getting into the GAMECENTER Spirit. They have released another game that has Game Center integration in it. Dungeon Hunter 2 is basically a RPG on the IPhone/IPad that lets you fight in Quests and so on. So in other words it is WOW for the IPhone/IPad minus all the rubbish features of WOW. The Good thing is that you can play this game over Game Center. Its worth getting if you like RPG’s.

Lara Croft and The Guardian Of Light IPhone: $6.99, Lara Croft and The Guardian Of Light HD IPad: $9.99

Me being a Tomb Raider fan on other platforms was so exited when i heard that this game was released. And then i heard that it wasn’t fully 3D but more of a Birds-eye view 3D. And for the game on the IPhone and IPad this has paid off. The game is incredibly fun and entertaining and easy to use. The controls are great and the game-play is second to non.  Also for people that have finished the game there is the option to do the game with a friend over GameCenter which is good because parts of the game require you and your friend to rely on each other to do things.This Defiantly is a must buy to anyone that likes Tomb Raider or who wants a fun and challenging game.

Infinity Blade Universal: $5.99

Infinity Blade was finely released this month, After much speculation about this game at Apples Game Center Announcement Earlier in the year the game is Out. . The aim of the game is basically to battle Titans one by one until you meet the Tyrant. To do this you have to Attack, dodge, block, and cast devastating spells – all with the simple swipe of a finger. Navigation is simple and you can go around the castle looking for special objects. The game has Dozens of Swords, Shields, Helmets, Armor, and Magic Rings to acquire and master and you can level up your characters and increase there Health, Attack, Magic Skills and Shield. And next year they are going to add Multiplayer, New Areas to conquer, New Enemies to fight, New Swords, Shields, Helmets, and Magic Rings. Trust me when i say this game is a must have.

Thats todays November and December as it was. Look out for the next segment which will be out tomorrow.


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