Pocket God to get more updates in 2011

I was looking at my Facebook like i do everyday, Just looking to see what is happening with my friends, enemy’s and in the game world when i saw a post from Pocket God. Click Read more to view the post and all the GOODIES inside. 😀

The Post Said

Happy New Year!We hope 2011 will bring you joy, health, peace and not too many gruesome deaths on your friends’ islands.

Coming soon are new powers, rival gods, new powers, customization, new powers… Have we mentioned the new powers?

When i saw this i jumped of my perch and thought gees i had to share this so there you go.

What could these powers be?

– Ability to stretch Pygmies

– Ability to turn Pygmies into highly trained Assassins

– Ability to reproduce the Pygmies into Freaks

– Ability to shoot Pygmies as they run around

What about Customization?

– Change there sex

-Different Hair Styles

– Cool Clothes

And what about Rival gods?


What Could this be? Rival gods hey? Flying Buddha? And some Doddo Bird, I know the bird god :s. What ever it is this year seems to be a good year for Pocket God Fans



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