What does Game Center need?

After asking this question to people on various forums it has come to our attention that game center is lacking some features that either Open Feint and Plus+ have, or that people think Game Center needs to be a better Gaming Network in which is worthy of it’s podium of the premiere Game Network for Iphones, Ipod touches and ipads(November).

In this article we outline the things (With the help of members of the “Touch Arcade Forums”) that Game Center Needs.

1A change in theme.

As most of us all-ready know, allot of people generally dont like the new game center theme, so a change would be a good idea.
One idea that triggywiggy (Jack of Game Center FB) had was to include a selection of different color schemes. Similar to what is in App box Pro.

2. Total Game Center Achievement Points in Home Page.

It was a surprise to me that this wasn’t included in Game Center on initial release. The fact that I don’t know how good I am all together compared with friends is not something you think apple would miss.

I think this something that apple will be quick to add, it is really one of the main reasons for people wanting to stick with things like OF and Plus+.

3. Friend Chat

Another feature that Game Center misses is the ability to talk with your friends. I want to talk and Brag to my friends but really, unless you have an app like ebuddy you can’t do this.

I think this is another thing apple will be quick to add.

4. Profile Pictures

Simple to explain why. Just brings a new light into Game Center. Of course apple would have to monitor it though.

5. Check contacts and allow you to add them as friends

I have seen lot’s of apps implement this. I really thought apple would of thought of this.

6. Green light Next to Active Users

Defiantly needed. There’s nothing worse then challenging inactive users.

I wont be surprised if this is included in the next os update (Needs to be integrated with the ios software).

7.  A tick next to players who have the game (Multiplayer).

What’s the point of challanging people ho don’t have that app? Defiantly needed

Once again, something apple will probably add.

Well that’s about all of the 28 ideas featured on the forums what I think Game Center needs. Some of the ones listed on the forum were either Impossible, stupid or were already included thats why there is only 7.

Well let you know when any changes are made. Thanks for reading.


9 thoughts on “What does Game Center need?

  1. A progress bar – It astounds me the number of these achievement “centres” that as developers to include Title, Brief description, Icon, Number of points awarded…

    Only a few games have progress bars.

    I want to know what I need to do to unlock a certain achievement and how far along I am, not just a percentage but an actual number. For example; if I have to kill 100 zombies but I have only killed 50…I don’t want to know that it’s 50% I want to know it’s 50/100, that way when I play the game again, I know that I have to kill another 50 to unlock the achievement.

  2. What I want more than anything else is the ability to still earn achievements when not connected to the internet. I am a Touch user and that limits we to wi-fi spots… which basically means I purposefully don’t play games with GC if I’m not in range of a hotspot. It’s a bit annoying and I wouldn’t say it’s something they can’t do as OF has an offline mode.

    • Yes, it does get annoying but when a game with Gamecenter is intergrated over openfeint or cloudcell you can play it offline. The developers also have the ability to set the app to sync achievments when you open it next time you have a wifi connection. I can see this being added in the future.

  3. Gamecenter is still in its young childhood years and is missing a lot. you point out some good things which I hope apple will or has to implement soon 🙂

    But above all it needs to be faster even for people with a smaller internetconnection (I have a downstream of 50 Kb/s and GC loading, friendst, achievements, games etc. is a pain!).
    This is the foremost thing I will see, that they somehow speed up the loading times, that I dont have to waste precious seconds for that 🙂

    • I don’t know if you were aware of this but apple have built a massive server bank in there LA fortress. I personally believe that a small section (A bit bigger then all of apples current servers in LA)of this building, which is huge, will be used for gamecenter whilst the rest will be used for other things.

      Gamecenter has been a bit slow for me too though, it does take 5 or so seconds.

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