Gamecenter for the mac?

With the new mac app-store due to be opened in 3 days time I thought it was only fair to ask this question.  Find more info on the mac app-store here.

Will games on the mac app-store have gamecenter?

As much as I like this idea I don’t think it will happen. There are many reasons why but really it’s because Gamecenter wasn’t designed or even meant to be on a console (I consider pc/mac’s as consoles).  If there was to be a gamecenter on the mac then it would possibly be similar to how the playstation network for the ps3 is to the one on the psp. They would look different but over all you would still be able to see your stats for the game’s you have on your other devices.

Apple would have to change gamecenter on the iphone and ipad though so that games won’t conflict. They would probably have two sections on the games page. One for iphone/ipad and one for Mac. Why? Well the iphone and ipad are paired together on gamecenter but you can’t really pair them with a mac because they aint similar devices. Mac’s use mouses whilst iphone/ipad uses touch gestures. This is also why I can’t see universal games that are playable on all 3 devices unless apple completely rebuild there software enviroments; ios and mac-os to run on the same code otherwise developers wouldn’t be able to run them on both OS’s.

All-though I can’t see there being a gamecenter on the mac this half of the year, we could see it in september. We just have to wait and see.

What is your opinion?


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