We will be back in a few days

Due to internet and Wifi problems we are unable to do any posts at the moment, except for this one :s

But don’t worry we shall be back in a few days. In the meantime i will just go over what has happened in the past week.

  • Slice It had an Update
  • Angry Birds Free was released
  • Sheeple Chase came out
  • Wispin had a Update
  • Axe in Face got updated with new mode
  • Burn The Rope also got Updated
  • And in big news Plants Vs Zombies HD Got GameCenter which will lead us to believe so will the Iphone version and the rest of the PopCap IOS games. So in the next few days don’t be surprised if you see some Pop Cap games get GameCenter. Also Bejeweled 3 was released onto the Mac. So this might be coming to IOS Devices very soon.

Until we are back, read over our previous posts and we hope you keep safe.

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