Angry Birds Updates and more

Ok so as basically all of you will know Angry Birds was
updated last night. The update included 15 new levels. But that is
not the only thing to mention about Angry Birds there are two more
surprises to mention. The first one is that Angry Birds Seasons is
about to get it’s third theme. This time it is a Valentines day
theme. There isn’t really any details as to what it looks like. All
we can say is that it will have 45 levels, It is bound to have lots
of Pink(How I love pink :P) and shall be out tomorrow according to
Rovio. Ok the second surprise, A new Angry Birds game is on it’s
way. This time it will be called Angry Birds Rio. Rio if you don’t
already know yet is a bird that stars in the upcoming movie Rio
which is about a rare bird who gets sent to Rio De Janeiro to meet
another rare bird. But they attempt to escape and they do. But in
Angry Birds Rio it is different The Angry Birds get captured and
sent to a Bird compound were allot of other birds are and your aim
is to help all the birds escape. If you are interested here is a
link to a preview video.
Also if you watch the super Bowl today there will be another
preview video of Angry Birds Rio and a presentation that shows you
a special feature in Angry Birds. So yah enjoy the Super Bowl to
you lot in the US and I in Aus shall be getting to sleep and
hopefully I will wake up to a Angry Birds Seasons update


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