An Interesting Day At GDC 2011

Today a lot of interesting things have been said. Read on to see some news about Releases from Halfrbrick and Firemint.

First it comes from Firemint. You might remember our recent post about Firemint releasing a new game this year. Well finally they have revealed what this game is. Well here it is. Agent Squeek. 

This is what Firemint had to say about the game.

Play as Agent Squeek, the dashing and debonair undercover mouse. Outsmart ferocious felines and crack fiendish challenges! Sneak, sprint and strategize in your quest to save every precious piece of missing cheese.

This will be the Australian Developers 4th IOS title. Previous titles include Flight Control, Real Racing and Real Racing 2. All 3 have become big hits on IOS.

The main aim of Agent Squeek is to guide a mouse “Agent Squeek” Through a series of Cheese like puzzles whilst dragging some cheese to your hole. A demo which was also shown when they revealed the game shows that Firemint are stretching this game to huge lengths with Boss Battles, Great level design and amazing graphics. Firemint have promised that the game will include hours of content with levels set in different environments and lots of replayability. Just like Angry Birds you are rewarded with a star rating out of three when you finish a level. Firemint have also said that the game will have GameCenter Support.

The second big news comes from another Aussie developer. (Go Aussie, Whoo whoo whooo, Oz Oz Oz Whoo whoo whoo)

Ok i will try not t get carried away with the whoo’s from now on here. So Halfbrick the developer of Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash and the recently released Age Of Zombies., Also the not well known Blast Off, is about to release there fifth IOS game. This time it will be called Machinegun Jetpack.

If you have played monster dash you should have an idea of what the Machinegun Jetpack is. Just like Monster Dash, Machinegun Jetpack is an endless runner. The aim is to simply try and not “Hover” into any “Lightning(Electricity) Beams” and offcourse get as far as you possibly can. To do this you simply have to go up and down on your Jet Pack. In this game  there are still monsters but by the looks of it they dont effect the gameplay, They are just there for effect and “fun”. A bonus on this game is the ability to collect coins which can be used to get add ons for Barry, Things such as hats and new clothes etc. Also there are Giant coins which if you collect give you a turn on the “Giant Slot Machine” at the end of the game. This Slot Machine an give you things such as Double coins on the next turn and even a continue which lets you play on from were Barry Died. “Whooo”

Ooops Soz, I know what you guys are thinking what power ups are there. For a starter there is the return of a Moster Dash Favourite “The Bad-Ass Hog”, A robot (Yes you can control a robot), Gravity Suite which allows you to change you guessed it gravity, A Teleportation power that allows you to teleport, and a few more.

Here is a Gameplay video for you guys to gargle at!!! GGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!


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