Firemint to release Real Racing 2 HD Soon!!!

A day after Firemint announced that they were releasing a new game called Agent Squeak Firemint have announced that Real Racing 2 will be coming to the IPad. Read on to see details about the game.

Firemint said this

Now that Apple has revealed the details of iPad 2, we know more about what’s in store for Real Racing 2 HD!

So that should mean that they are going to make the game work with the new A5 Graphics chip which will be coming in the new IPad 2.

While we were not aware of the specs for iPad 2 before the keynote, we made some educated guesses about where we thought the hardware might head, so for many months now we have been developing a much more graphically intensive version of Real Racing 2 HD to take advantage of the anticipated performance improvements. Real Racing 2 HD has been significantly enhanced beyond what could work on existing devices, and our efforts have definitely given us a head start on iPad 2.

Now knowing that they have spent plenty of time in developing the game without knowing the specifications of the device they were making it for, Gives us a idea that the game hopefully can be released very soon.

The 9x faster graphics, gyroscope and slimline form factor have us really excited. Real Racing 2 HD will absolutely shine on such powerful graphics hardware combined with our own rendering enhancements. The lighter and thinner form factor will make the iPad 2 handle even more like a steering wheel, and we’ve put a lot of effort into making it feel just right. The gyroscope will also contribute to the smooth and intuitive handling as it adds another sensor input we can check against for added precision.

Better graphics and a faster game would make this a sure hit onto anyones new IPad 2. IPad users wont be left out as it will be released on the IPad 1 as well. But the game will sure be allot better on the new IPad.

Firemint say that this will be the most precise and intuitive car racing game on any device.

When Real Racing 2 HD will be released is yet to be known. The game will have Game Center



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