Chop Chop Rocket Review

Game Name:Chop Chop Rocket
ITunes Link:
Achievements: 18

Chop Chop Rocket is the latest Game in Gamerizon’s Chop Chop Series. The familiar aspects of this game make it both easy and fun to play, But at the same time the game manages to be tricky and challenging.

Story: A Little Space Creature gets shoved into a space rocket by the space rocket and then gets propelled into space whilst in the space rocket (Confused?)

Game: Ok so now your in this space rocket, You being the space creature. Your aim is to stop yourself from crashing into Planets,UFO’s and Meteors. To do this you simply tilt your device in the direction you want the rocket to go. Along the way you can pick up power ups such as Bouncy Balls that destroy meteors, Shield that you guessed it shield you and Repair kits that repair you.

Replayability: Well seeming the game is basically survival, there is always going to be replayability. But i can see people getting bored of having to survive and wanting other challenges. I think the inclusion of Levels will be good as each level could offer you new challenges and maybe enemies that you have to avoid/shoot at. This will be a cool thing if they add it.

Controls: As described earlier in this review you tilt the direction you want the rocket to go, Dragging your finger up the screen speeds you rocket up and down the screen slows the rocket down. Simple as?

Art/Graphics: The Cartoon’ish art suits the game. The colors that the game uses are brilliant and a treat to look at. The Meteors looks great and the Bouncy Balls looks, Bouncy!!!.

Sounds: The Games Music is pretty cool, It is easy  to get the music stuck in your head. The sound effects during the game are also really good.

What I Want To See:

  • Levels
  • More Music
  • More Enemies
  • The Ability To Shoot At Enemies
  • More Power Ups
Conclusion: Chop Chop Rocket is a fun Doodle Jump style of game that anyone who likes Strategy and Endless games should get.
Story: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Replayability: 4/5
Controls: 5/5
Art/Graphics: 4/5
Sound: 4/5

Overall: 4/5


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