Game Center Blog in 2012

Hi readers of the site.

I am once again amazed by the amount of readers hitting this site on a daily basis. I am even more amazed by the amount of emails I am receiving. I will be trying to update the site as often as possible as well as replying to the endless supply of emails if I can. Before filling in the help for please make sure you 1) State your Game Center name – This is so I can see if the account shows and add you as a friend to see if I can view your achievements 2) List your issue – Please list it in clear to read format with the best grammar possible so I can understand it 3) List how long you have had this issue 4) List if you have bought a new device or touched any settings.

I will then try to get back to these. Please understand that I am on holiday abroad till the 13th so if I don’t respond I have no network. 

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One thought on “Game Center Blog in 2012

  1. Do you know how to change your profile picture on the iPad on Game Center? Because if you did, and could please reply me back, that would be great!!!!!!!!!!

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