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    • You need to uninstall the game, that time you would get an option whether to keep or remove the game from the game center. If you choose remove, then your score would be removed.

  1. Name: Jacy
    Comment: Hello. I am a former iPod user. My whole family is having problems with game center. See, when I invited a player to be my friend on game center, my name showed up on her friends list but not mine. So we decided to try to create a new account. When we did so, the same thing happened. Then we thought that, it’s okay… And tried to log into my old account. We used the right information, but it wouldn’t let me in. So we tried the new account and used the right information, and it also wouldn’t let me in. So now, all specific games interacted with game center that I have, well, now I can’t play them. Please help. Even my dad doesn’t even have a game center because of this issue!

  2. Hi, I’m Gianni Borra and I would like to e-mail you for an urgent problem with dragonvale. I am hoping that you can solve this problem. Please e-mail me as soon as possible.

    • I’m guessing we’re both having the same problem? Dragonvale (and Gamecenter) won’t open at all, right? Unfortunately, I’m starting to get the sense that gamecenter doesn’t care about or want to help any of us.

  3. Name: Anthony Ishak
    Comment: Attention I’m trying to sign in my sons game centre and it won’t let me for high noon his ID number is  333169795 and his name is MURAD ALEMDAR and I just want it solved so please get back to me and give me all the guides and steps of how it’s done I’m using a separate apple ID and a separate game centre email and password so please thank you the email for the game center is please get back to me I’m putting the password it won’t let me

  4. Hi I have just updated to IOS 6.0 and when I went on gamecentre it told me to create a new username and it wouldn’t let me use my old one so I did. Now all of my gamecentre game data is gone!!!!! It was lots of time and money so please help!

  5. My dragon vale was some how linked to my daughters after she lost her park. Now we are both level 9. Is there anyway of retrieving it? Her apple I.d. Doesn’t work and I have lost my park. I have all of my awards such as level 20 but no more park… Any suggestions…. I greatly appreciate it

    • This is exactly what I have been contacting apple and Gamecentre about for two weeks?
      My sons spent their own money and have been playing for so long and now after update we’re back to the start.
      The only suggestions I get is to reset my apple i.d in iforgot which doesn’t help at all?
      So frustrating!

    • Yeah that happened to me with terraria,I lost my world and my character but my data was still saved on my Game Center.any advice to get that fixed would be great!!!

  6. I have a problem my friend downloaded clash of clans but hasn’t started a base yet…n I changed da game center account to mine so I can play it on his Itouch next thing later he logged in to his account tried playing clash of clans but it was still on my clash of clans account how do I fix it?

    • I want to know same answer if u get one please let me know I want to know how to wipe out current clash on my I pad I got it from my dad and I want to start over my new game not his old one

  7. Help I can’t sign into game centre just keeps saying “cannot connect to server ” any advice please ,my dragons need tending lol x

  8. Name: Jackie
    Comment: My son and I are currently playing Dragonvale, he has his game on the iPad which is via game center and mine on my phone not via game center. Basically earlier I accently pressed game center game instead on local on my phone and it has now erased my sons game. He was on about level 26 and we had spent a lot of money on it! So I was wondering if there is anyway I can make the game go back to where we was yesterday and get his game back? Please help!

  9. Bonjour,

    Lors d’une mise a jour je viens de perdre mon compte Hay Day ou j’étais au niveau 42.
    j’aimerais le récuperer. le niveau 42
    pouvez vous m’aider??
    merci d’avance

  10. I really love your smurfville app & I have played it as along as the iPhone 4 has been out but when I got my phone the guy I was seeing didn’t tell me it was set up to his Game Center I was wondering if it can be transferred over to mine cause if u tell me I’ll have to start all over I won’t seeing I spent actually money one point or another on smurf berries I won’t go back to squire one when I am at level 26. If I can’t ill never saying anything positive again about if ppl ask what I think of u if u tell me ill have to start over is that u are nothing but conartist

  11. I have cancelled my hay day farm by mistake and I was wanting to know if there is anyway of getting it back to play. My farms name was shaybres:)
    Cheers Shay

  12. Really need your help I retrieving my coins that were lost there was a back up done on my lap top it did not take all the games only some

  13. I need help on getting a hold of game enter want to know if they can wipe my account clean and I start over on all game including (clash of clans) I want to start over I created a new account and it only has a cancel option when I load game up it does not ask me if I want to save new current game as all the rest do????

  14. Why do my friends on game centre keep disappearing? Please advise… As I have to keep adding them back, and no we are not defriend each other so please resolve the issue..

  15. My iPad just crashed got a new one but tried redown load dragon vale but my previous one will not continue comes up as a new one do not want to start over again

  16. Please email me! I have been playing hay day for a while. Just a few days ago my name on my friends lists wasn’t mine any longer not even the same level. We tried setting up new GC accounts and trying different devices but the end result remains the same. I removes and reloaded hay day and reset my phone as well with no avail. I can see their hay day farms normally but I am showing up as someone else at totally different game level. I want them to access my hay day farm and they no longer can. Please help!

  17. Game center has cleared my clash of clans game and given me a new one with a different name! but my friend say it is still shows up on the clan is there anyway to put it back onto my account???

  18. Please help i have been hacked on gamecentre and he is using my clash of clans. Please help someone! Please contact me via e mail gamecentre

  19. Hi, I play clash of clans on my iPhone. After a while I decided to play on my iPad but it didn’t have the save file so I started again on the iPad. For some reason the iPad one became the game centre save game and it asks me if I want to change to the other game an delete the current game on my phone every time I play. I want to make an in-app purchase, an I want to make it on my iPhone save but will it go to the iPad one or not? Preferably if there was a way to get my iPhone save onto the ipa that would be good, but my main concern is not loosing my in app purchases if I decide later to reset this game.

    • I’ve just come up with what sounds like the same problem. Just got a new iPad and I want to sync it with CoC that is well levelled up but instead it asks me if I want to load my shitty base onto my iPhone, this happens every time I open it. I just want the iPad to ask for my iPhone CoC but that isn’t happening! Did you find a solution?

  20. When will we be allowed to block other players from our farms? I’ve asked this over and over and all I hear is “not at this time”. I know I am not the only one that has asked, so why can we still not do so?

  21. I think the points you earn for Game Center should be used to buy I times gift cards and things for games because I have been reading around and people think that is a good idea

  22. halo,i uninstall game and accydentli i press remove and i delet all data from game center from that game and now i want to ask you if is possible to get back the data’s, pleas help me ?? Thank you 😉 .

  23. the problem is that game center doesn’t let me log in anymore.when i signed in i didn’t use my brothers apple id i used my gmail account and it let me log in but now it doesn’t let me log in with my gmail anymore when it used to let me.

  24. new problem apparently i have 2 game center accounts with same email adresss the old one i was able to log in pefectly without my brotherd apple id but my brother made a game center account with my gmail and now they both can’t log in.WTF is happening with game center?

  25. My game centre account has been hacked I changed my password before they could but they can still acsess to my castle clash what should I do

  26. You know ur customer support when I call is a little poor. Can you please get back my mlp data from my Game Center data? I even have pics if u need it u need to get iCloud backup. I had good levels!

  27. Hello you guys really need to improve your customer care. I know you guys can restore past data if you connected with hamecenter because the same thing happened with my other game and they restored it fast. No more excuse my abbr. swearing, bs or p.o.s. Please. Just restore it i could even give u my data for my game. The email is and it’s also my appleid. If u need to know my data id tell u gladly

  28. Please help I have been scammed by a person and they stole my Game Center! They changed the recovery email and password and I can’t log in PLEASE HELP! I have proof that the Game Center is mine because MY NAME is in it, I can’t play any of my games PLEASE HELP.

  29.  I have 2 accounts on Clash of Clans. Usually when i switch game center accounts, it prompts me to type CONFIRM to switch. It is not asking that, like it is frozen. When will it be fixed?

  30. Comment: I’m currently having a problem with my game center. When i am connected to my usual internet connection/wifi(Home), I can’t connect to my Game center account, it say’s ” Unable to connect to server”, but when I am connected to other internet connection , it works perfectly fine. Can someone help me? I’m always at home so most of the time i can’t play games cause I can’t connect to Game center. -Sorry for my bad English :))

  31. My Game Center account was accidently deleted and im not able to transfer my clash of clans to anything now so can I link a different account to my clash of clans?

  32. I went from android to iPhone but cannot access my Game Center account by Google+ only gives option for Apple ID. How can I retrieve my clash of clans on my iPhone from Google?? Please help!!

  33. Can you please reinstate my game I play dungeon legends I went to Game Center and it reverted me back to my old account my account is Recked not Reck it’s game name Davidcarman

  34. I just got a new phone (galaxy s7) and i am trying to transfer my clash of clans account. However i cannot connect to game center on my old phone(iphone 4s). My apple ID is My clash of clans name is Ragnar Lothbrok. On my profile under my name it says #9QPVPQY9. Level 99. Town hall level 9. Please help.

    • Galaxy s7 that is (android)
      And iPhone 4s is (apple)
      You can’t transfer an apple Id to android, it needs to be another apple device and then you just put in the same apple Id as you had before, download clash of clans and it will come up do you want to transfer

  35. iPhone got wet and crashed, got iPhone 5s an signed in to game center and had to start over on boom beach. How do I get my old game back?

  36. Is there a way to have two Apple IDs without getting rid of the old one and being able to access them both but not at the same time? (The reason why I ask by the way is because I want to have to separate games of clash of clans. I don’t want to get rid of my current one though!)

  37. More than once a day Game Center logs me out between loading DragonVale from one time to the next and when I go to settings the Game Center logo presses in but doesn’t load anything. Could you help me!

  38. Game Center it’s freaking me out
    We downloaded an app for four devices different users names for some reasons Game Center now it’s not allowing us to use all four users names
    We log in in the app and all devices has de same user name
    We trying to recover our own user name for each device but we can’t

  39. Hello, i have a problem with the game in my iphone 6s. When i start my game « crime revolt online shooting » the loading stop in 44% , and i can’t start my game. I try with another phone, it’s work, but when i want to connect with my game center account, it’s block on 44%. Can you do somthing dor my situation. Thank you

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