Game Center App List For IPhone

Here’s the List for Iphone


2 thoughts on “Game Center App List For IPhone

  1. after upgrading my iso my game is not linked to my main apple account anymore and i cant have access to my old village in clash of clans. i need help retrieving my game data.

  2. i have a problem cant get to my old iphone 4 need help becuase i traded that in for a new phone at the time i had a hard time accessing game center and my clash of clans main acct is on there i was tring to link it to the new phone but there network was fucked up sry for language but now i have a new phone and cant get to my old one because they have witch is cricket wireless trying to find away to get my old acct back supercell support is litrally retarded send off topic replys witch can be read in there coc support so its pointless to chat with em its always automated mgs its a hassle

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