Puzzles 11-20

Puzzle 11 – The Right Brick

Its Number 4

Puzzle 12 – A Night’s Tale

Cant really guide you through this one, It doesn’t take to long. The pieces follow the same rules of chess so they can only go in L shapes.

Puzzle 13 – Hidden Coins

Just touch these positions.

Puzzle 14 – Light Bulbs

Follow these instructions: 4 down 3 across, 2 down 1 across, 2 down 5 across, 4 down 1 across, 5 down 5 across, Finally 4 down 5 across.

Puzzle 15 – Ticket Please

The Answer is 61

Puzzle 16 – Nab The Thief

Start from the house in the top left. Then do what this picture shows.

Puzzle 17 – Circles and Shapes

This one may  be confusing, So here it is to stop you from exploding.


Puzzle 18 – Let There Be Light

Follow These Instructions: 1A, 4A, 5C, 3D, 1E, 6E, and 6F

Puzzle 19 – The Identical Cubes

Don’t forget to spin certain shapes around.

Puzzle 20 – The Island Conection


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