Here is a list of peoples Game Center Username.

  • Astonkiller
  • MKush
  • BrassMonkeigh
  • SwishaSmokin420

To get your username on the list follow these steps:

-Comment Below with your name
-Also add your favourite Game Center Game

Alternatively you can follow us on Twitter @GameCenterFB and do the same thing.

As a bonus every week we will select a random GameCenter User and list them as our GameCenter User of the week on our Front Page.

Thats it. The list will be below this when we get user-names submitted.


31 thoughts on “Usernames

  1. GC: MKush

    Favorite GC game? There are plenty and love and I really enjoy Infinity Blade… but, for whatever reason, I always find myself going back to Monster Dash.

  2. Game Center Username: Droivenga
    Favorite Game: Pocket Legends
    Other Games I play that you can use/add me on:
    Gun Bros; Full Infinity Set + Sun Gun, Atlas, Level 100+
    Restaurant Story
    Tap Zoo
    Treasure Story
    Smurfs Village
    World War
    Zoo Story

    +Heaps more…
    All my usernames are the same – Droivenga

  3. Multi gamecenter active player list …
    Copy all & paste in gamecenter ….
    Add all in one click….

    shinroby,kat_17,Chipmunk702,ApolloFTW,Larschr,~evanesco~,,Shireen1993,epidemic27,Corry999,Tech Artist,Andreas189,MaxxKhor,JEPSTEIN95,Love2CurlDids,Glum_cat,SANDY,Wilster73,Balkeeh,gunnarm,RIPete,Squawk,$ AKASH SARKAR $,Leader,simon0117,myhaistap,peace_frog,Julian13100,polzoom,Ysmn880,KOL79,DAVID369,wusaisai,Jahu311,Jad3rzz,ihrfelt,TOBID1882,Jesse McGregor,Bloons Master,maggie less,RudeKitty,eliezermartins, molama,zone020,Marino13, kartflyer,doubled 2,

  4. The name is ~king77727

    My fav game is Infinity blade and gun bros

    Other games I play: World war,Angry birds,Pocket legends,Subway surfers and Temple run 2.

    pleaaasseee add me

  5. Better way to add friends…
    1. Install Planet123 , tap on friends icon
    2. Tap on Add Friends
    3. New GCIDs are provided. Enter message “Hay”, and tap Send
    4. Repeat Step 3
    Your GCID will be included in the invites as other people se this as well.

  6. Username : -*panda yuki*-
    Fav game (s):-
    The sims freeplay
    Minecraft pe
    Subways surf
    Love live school idol festival
    Fruit ninja
    Clash of clans
    Hay day
    Line play
    Anime warriors

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